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We are a family dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and consultation on the hottest releases.

Our Features

Bot Guides Individual in-depth setup guides fore very mainstream bot per website within exclusive seminars for individual bots we dumb it down so that an infant can run it. We make guides for all bots and tools
social media monitors Alongside the store monitors, Solid Notify also provides social media monitors and raffle monitors ensuring you don't miss anything for every release
Release Guidance step by step guides assisting members on Shopify, Nike SNKRS, Supreme, Adidas, footsites, and many more. instore guides as well Full release guidance for every major release including keywords, bot set-up advice, early links/variants, site lists, etc.
Early Information With our monitors, our guidance, and our early information, we strive to provide the most accurate information and premium experience within the community, be the first to know
Raffle Bot Exclusive Solid Notify raffle bot that gets 100s on 100s of entries put in sites like Finishline, Hibbett Sports, Jimmy Jazz or any site HyperRaffle supports
Monitors Members have access to 500+ high-speed monitors which target hundreds of stores, from huge retailers to the ones you never heard of with quick task to most bots and autofill for manual users
Groupbuys Inside Solid Notify you'll see exclusive partnerships with some of the best companies in the community along with group buys with top-of-the-line bots, access to tools/proxy providers private restocks with discount codes as well as giveaways, and beta access to upcoming bots/tools.
Support We are US based group but we can cater to individuals around the globe including dedicated sections for the United Kingdom/Europe, United States/Canada, Australia, and Asia. Everything you need, regardless of your location
Notifications SMS text straight to your phone so you don't miss anything from shock drops or restocks when you're away from discord or PC
Sell vs hold Expert advice from long time resellers who have the upper hand on knowing what the market is about to do also EXCLUSIVE info brought to you from the best buy, sell, hold analytics team @BSHSnipers
Supreme We help with locking in instore registration to copping the most coveted hyped items for retail from our auto check out service with no fee we have inside intel on leaks/pricing and release procedures before anybody else also backdoor items (not retail)
Nike/Kith Be the first to know about any Nike information and kith links before the rest of the world via SMS text or discord notifs. we are one of the very few who get REAL Nike/Kith info early we pau a pretty penny for this information
discord tools get free unlimited access to a range of custom tools to increase your chances of securing limited items. These tools include an autofill/auto checkout Chrome extension, web-based solutions for bot restocks, and discord invites
brick chat Providing expert mods with all the info for "bricks" and other easy to move items with decent profit that no one is looking for that can 10x your capital with our guidance and strategies that you can only get from Solid Notify nowhere else
community Solid Notify is well known for its strong community and toxic-free atmosphere. Our team and users both treat each other like family. Whether you’re new to reselling or a seasoned vet, we are confident that you’ll find our group nothing like the rest
discounts We provide discounts for retail stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. also a brick seek monitor running constantly looking for all the price errors and glitch pricing
cut the cord inhouse live tv/movie server brought to you from multiple sources one being Quanflix and Xedplex they provide monthly or yearly subs with a discount for being a Solid Notify member
dfs Expert advice from individuals from elite mafia (elitefantasy.com) with exclusive line ups, parlays, and head to heads for Fandual, Draft kings, super draft, etc. GPP break downs and cash games. This service alone will pay for your monthly membership

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